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Fuel Management


Managing company vehicles, fuel is one of the biggest costs that you will incur. It is crucial that you can effectively manage this cost, and associated administration, while supporting drivers with fuel purchasing.

Fuel management and fuel cards are an important part of the service that we offer at Arval. Through our partnership with AllStar we provide a leading product that is convenient for your drivers, while you receive useful management information showing things like where they refuel, how much they pay, their mpg performance and any excessive fuel usage.

Our fuel card

The Arval fuel card is one of the most popular and most trusted in our industry. Operating on the UK's broadest fuel network, your drivers can use it at the majority of filling stations, including the supermarkets, without having to deviate from their route.

How the Arval fuel card helps your business:

  • No fuel receipts to process
  •  No petty cash to manage
  •  One invoice
  •  Easily claim 100% of your fuel VAT
  •  Only pay drivers the actual cost of fuel used
  •  Fill up through the extensive AllStar network
  •  Powerful reporting on usage and expenditure


If you want to find out more about the Arval fuel card, please do get in touch.