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1 Electrified Vehicle = 1 Tree

Your choice of vehicle means we will plant a tree

As part of our commitment to develop our business responsibly and promote sustainable mobility, we love it when our customers order low emission vehicles. So to support these goals further, we are launching a biodiversity scheme where we pledge to plant a tree for every electric or plugin hybrid vehicle delivered.

This is part of an initiative project called 1 Electrified Vehicle = 1 Tree, working with Reforest’Action to help restore forests and encourage the adoption of electrified vehicles. Therefore, you’re not just making a sustainable vehicle choice, but you are also helping toward a positive environmental impact because of this initiative.


We expect to plant thousands of trees this year, and every tree counts. 

Each tree we plant delivers:

  • 0.15 tonnes of CO2 stored each year
  • 3 animal shelters created
  • 4 months of oxygen per year per person
  • 1 hour of work created


Through our combined efforts and the action taken to protect our woodland, while engaging in the preservation of biodiversity and helping to combat deforestation, we have now have a committed total of 9,395 trees. This equates to:

  • 1,409 tonnes of carbon saved – the equivalent emission to one passenger on a return flight from the UK to New York, 1,409 times!
  • Creating 28,185 shelters for animals
  • Generating 3,132 years of oxygen supply
  • And providing 1,342 days of work to communities


Where will the trees be planted?

We will be planting trees during the tree planting season (November to March). Sites included are Great Ayton in the North York Moors National Park and a forest plot located East of Nottingham named Elton on the Hill. We will be looking at additional locations across the country over time.


What vehicles are considered electrified vehicles?

All electrified vehicles, which means vehicles that are battery-electric and hybrid (see table below). Vehicle types include both cars and e-vans or e-LCVs.

Thanks for ordering your next vehicle with Arval and helping to support the environment.