Acting Responsibly

We believe the long-term future of Arval is best served by respecting the interests of our customers, partners, suppliers and the wider community.

We are committed to being a sustainable, ethical and caring organisation. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is intrinsic to our business and we are extremely proud of the positive contribution we make year after year. Our employees don’t just support our charitable and social activities – they often select, organise and deliver them. Our CSR work is split into four key areas. In each we aim to make a positive, valuable and sustainable contribution.

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Our Civic Responsibility

Combating exclusion, promoting education and supporting the community

Through community education programmes, fundraising and volunteering, we support many good causes. We provide financial and practical support to charities and community groups – all of which are nominated by our employees via the Arval Cares Committee.


Teams of employees are regularly deployed into communities to work on worthwhile projects, providing much-needed manpower to organisations which can benefit from it.


Education is key to improving driver behaviour, which is why we deliver a variety of initiatives to help improve road safety. For example, our ‘Fill up with Air’ days – offering free tyre pressure and safety checks have been successful and well-received.


We also work with primary and secondary schools. Activities range from road safety quizzes and ‘enterprise day’ events, to creating cushioned bases for playgrounds using recycled tyres.

Consistent with our commitment to driver safety, Arval has published a Driver Safety Card containing 10 essential tips. We distributed these to employees, customers and the wider community free of charge.


Our Social Responsibility

Pursuing a fair human resources policy

We recognise our responsibility towards our employees and their importance in delivering a great service to our customers. We respect and celebrate their differences and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.


We gain feedback from our employees each year through a group-wide employee survey, using the results as a basis for improvement. We also promote and deliver a range of annual activities for BNP Paribas Diversity & Inclusion Week.


We take a consistent approach to rewarding our staff, whether they are male or female, and are working hard to break the traditional barriers around gender and types of role. You can read our latest Gender Pay Report or watch our video on the subject here.


We have an ongoing commitment to learning and development for every employee, and offer a wide range of in-house training programmes. A number of employee-led social groups exist to focus on employee health and wellbeing. They include fitness activities run from our on-site gym and various sports clubs, health checks, blood donation clinics and social activities.

Our Environmental Responsibility: Acting to minimise our impact on the climate and reduce pollution.

Our Environmental Responsibility

Acting to minimise our impact on the climate and reduce pollution

Holding ISO14001 certification, we recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment and continue to take a sustainable approach. We set targets for things like utilities and paper usage, waste-to-landfill and employee travel, and regularly measure and monitor our performance against them.


Through our parent company, BNP Paribas, we take part in a carbon offset scheme to mitigate our environmental impact. It supports many worthwhile projects around the world. We also work with expert organisations like the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Energy Saving Trust and the vehicle manufacturers to share ideas and information.


Alongside the manufacturers we continue to develop a strong understanding of new and emerging vehicle technologies including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric and hydrogen. We consistently conduct vehicle trials so that we can provide independent first-hand feedback to our customers.

Our Economic Responsibility

Developing sustainable customer solutions in an ethical way

We have a proven track record of working with businesses of all sizes to meet their vehicle funding and fleet management needs.


Our Whole Life Cost approach means we provide complete transparency on the full range of costs associated with running company vehicles. Our fleet experts also utilise powerful electronic tools – many of which have been developed in-house – to provide useful information so that our customers can make the best decisions for their business.