Arval builds Social Media presence – Fleet Leasing

Arval builds Social Media presence – Fleet Leasing

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Thursday, 16 April, 2015
Arval social presence

Arval has seen its social presence grow significantly since launching on Twitter and Facebook last year, helping it engage with thousands of businesses and their drivers.

In this time, the channels have secured nearly 11,000 Facebook Page Likes and more than 2,000 Twitter Followers in the UK alone.

Both channels continue to grow and engagement levels are strong as an increasing audience looks at the useful content that Arval is posting.

The tools were launched for a number of reasons:

- It was clear that social media is a method that people want to use to receive and digest information

- Growing smartphone and tablet penetration has increased the accessibility of social media channels allowing Arval to reach new audiences

- It provides a new and easy way for Arval customers, drivers and new prospects to get in touch

- It’s an effective way of providing useful and interesting information to relevant audiences

More information - Arval builds social media presence.

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