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Is it time for a health check? Tyre Safety Month is back!

Is it time for a health check? Tyre Safety Month is back!

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019

Whether it’s a matter of going bald, your pressure isn’t quite right or things just seem a bit flat - taking the health of your tyres seriously is no laughing matter.

This month is “Tyre Safety Month” and Tyresafe.Org are running their annual safety campaign right now “Look who’s talking”

But here’s a very quick checklist to be going on with and worth keeping front of mind as the days get shorter and we move further into Autumn:

  • Regular checks: Especially inflation – knowing your tyre pressures and making sure they’re correct is crucial, even over inflation or just uneven inflation between wheels can be dangerous and affect stability. Also regularly check for general damage and wear and tear on your tyres.


  • Avoid unnecessary speed: Poor driving and excessive speed can damage tyres and also increases pollutants and emissions


  • How’s the tread?: If they’re less than 1.6mm then you could incur a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points per tyre.* The police can, and do, stop drivers for regular spot checks. Using a 20p piece to gauge tread is a useful marker. Driving on bald tyres is dangerous and can make breaking or holding the road much less effective.


  • Be prepared: If you think your tyres may need replacing because they’re nearing the end of their life or are faulty, plan ahead if you can. It could take several days to secure a tyre fitting appointment and you should also check with the tyre centre whether the tyres you need are in stock. With over 80,000 different tyre types in the UK alone, it‘s quite possible the tyres you need may not be in stock and have to be ordered in. Pre-planning is key to ensuring your vehicle is kept safe and roadworthy at all times.


Whilst it’s good to check more frequently - particularly with the more challenging weather conditions that come with the winter months – it’s important to remember that taking car tyre safety seriously all year round is crucial when it comes to improving the safety levels of the journeys we all make.

Back in September, ATS Euromaster Arval’s approved tyre supplier, reported a really high volume of requests to fit their Michelin “Winter Accredited” Cross Climate tyres for our customers. So now that Winter’s coming, if you’re an Arval customer you may want to take advantage of getting some Cross Climate tyres fitted to your vehicle if you’re tyres are needing a change? Why not book now to avoid unnecessary delays or disappointment.  

You can also read about some more useful hints and tips on the TyreSafe website, or for anything else please get in touch with us on 0370 600 4499 or to make a direct booking click here or visit arval.co.uk

Our lines are open between 9:00am and 5:15pm, Monday to Friday. 

*Source: AA Website

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