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Vodafone shares its steps to achieve an 'ice free' fleet

Vodafone shares its steps to achieve an 'ice free' fleet

Tuesday, 2 November, 2021

Vodafone UK will share the steps it has taken to fulfil its ambition to become an internal combustion engine (ICE) free fleet by 2027 in a webinar on 4 November 2021.

The fleet decision underpins its broader corporate commitment to eliminate carbon emissions from its entire UK operations in the same year. The company’s UK Property Manager and Fleet Contract Manager, Craig Login, will share how, working with Arval UK, its fleet is on target to meet that deadline and electrify sustainably.

Arval UK Commercial Director and webinar chair, Paul Hyne, said: “As COP26 is underway, we want to enable fleets to hear direct from one of the UK’s largest and most innovative technology companies on its strategic switch to an electrified fleet.

“Vodafone’s corporate decision to achieve net zero three years ahead of the diesel and petrol ban spearheaded their fleet strategy and their journey is inspiring. We’ll discover how they used plugin hybrid vehicles as a stepping stone to give drivers charging confidence, and how they accelerated electric car adoption with a cost neutral decision to remove diesel cars from their fleet earlier than planned.”

While big businesses may well be further along their electric and zero emission journeys, in Arval UK’s last webinar, 46% of attendees reported that they were either unsure or not very confident about making the switch to an electric fleet.

Paul added: “The webinar is free to attend and particularly insightful for businesses with diverse fleet needs, ranging from company cars to job need 4X4s and electric vans, where an on call arrangement must be supported by charging on the go. We want to help fleets of all shapes and sizes to become more sustainable and we believe that sharing our customers’ first hand experiences will inspire more to make the switch.”

Register to attend the webinar on Thursday 4 November at 11am BST via: bit.ly/VodafonesJourney.

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