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Zoned In on Clean Air Day

Zoned In on Clean Air Day

Thursday, 20 June, 2019

Today (20 June) is Clean Air Day – the UK’s largest air pollution campaign.  Air pollution and poor air quality are considered by the Government to be among the largest environmental risks to public health in the UK. Vulnerable groups, such as children and the elderly, are particularly at risk and air pollutants can cause significant health problems.

Whilst there are many things that contribute to air pollution such as power stations, industry and wood burning stoves, the Government’s Clean Air Strategy states that “...transport is a significant source of emissions of air pollution. The immediate air quality challenge is to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides in areas where concentrations of these harmful gases currently exceed legal limits.”

Cars, vans and other vehicles are responsible for around 80% of Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions at the roadside – and the most immediate challenge is reducing these to meet legal limits. One way in which the Government is aiming to tackle this is through the introduction of Clean Air Zones and this will have an impact on drivers right across the country. Because of that, we have created this simple guide to Clean Air Zones to help you understand a bit more about what they are and what it could mean for people both now and into the future.  

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