Arval Smart Experience

The multi award-winning Arval Smart Experience uses digital technology to give you access to useful information whenever you want it.

It’s a resource made up of online tools, mobile apps, tablet-optimised dashboards and social networks. Designed for you and your drivers, every element has been created to be simple, intuitive and user-friendly.


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There are four core elements, all of which are free for our customers.

For Fleet Managers:

Arval Connect

A secure website containing useful market information as well as content specific to your fleet. It includes video reviews, live maps of service and maintenance sites, copy invoices and industry news.


Arval Fleet View

This tablet-optimised dashboard displaying useful metrics. Information on the composition of your fleet, current costs, vehicle usage and environmental measures keep you informed, allowing you to quickly identify areas for further investigation using our e-Customer online system.


For Drivers:

Arval Mobile+

This driver app pinpoints the nearest service and maintenance sites as well as fuel forecourts in the vicinity. Drivers can use it to book a service, access the company fleet policy and store vehicle related information in a virtual wallet.


Arval Drive Challenge

A fun and easy to use app designed to positively influence a driver’s behaviour. It measures speed, acceleration and braking on any given journey to highlight areas for improvement, while good performance earns recognition and unlocks rewards.

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The benefits to you:
  • Access a range of useful information simply displayed in one place
  • Optimised to work on your tablet and smartphone devices
  • Easily ensure you are up to date with your fleet performance
  • Gain faster access to the relevant Arval teams wherever you are
  • Positively influence the behaviour of your drivers using our free apps