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Arval acquires GE Capital fleet services
Welcome to Arval

Since Arval acquired GE Capital Fleet Services in November 2015 we have been thrilled to welcome GE’s customers to the Arval family. We are currently working towards being able to offer a range of new services, events and solutions.  In the meantime you can still access the GE fleet tools using the links below.

Tools & Forms

Click to access our on-line services:


Information & Advice
  • Toolbox - Essential information, guidance and tools
  • Tax Calculator - Fully understand benefit in kind taxation
  • Video reviews - Access the world’s largest road test video library
Contact us

If you need to get in touch for any reason, please do not hesitate to do so:


Call us on 0870 444 1000 quoting the customer identification number on your driver helpline card

Email us at