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At Arval, we have a range of electrified vehicles on offer. Not only are they environmentally-friendly, but due to their low running costs, they are now more affordable and accessible than ever before. So what’s stopping you from going electric?



Due to electrified vehicles having no CO2 emissions and hybrids having reduced emissions, choosing to go electric could help the environment and improve air quality.

Reduced running costs

As well as much lower costs to fuel a car with electricity compared to petrol or diesel, running costs can also be reduced due to the lower cost to service and maintain electrified vehicles as they have less moving parts.


Leasing with us makes electrified vehicles more accessible, as we take away the higher up-front cost associated with buying these types of cars.

Why lease with us?


Leasing with us makes electrified vehicles more accessible, as we take away the higher up-front cost associated with these types of cars.

EV expertise

We have a team of EV experts on hand to help you choose the right type of electrified vehicle for you. If you decide to add any other services to your lease, such as maintenance, we know how best to manage them.

Access new technology

As electrified vehicles evolve, new increased technology with better ranges will become available. Leasing a car with us means that you can access this new technology more regularly and easily.


Thanks to our strong relationships with manufacturers, we have access to offers on a range of electrified vehicles.

What types of electrified vehicles are there ?

Hybrid Electric Vehicle


This has a small battery, electric motor and combustion engine. It will travel a few miles on the electric power and then switch back to the combustion engine. A combination of the engine and regenerative braking will recharge the battery.

A few miles

Petrol tank

No charge necessary

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle


This has a larger battery, electric motor and combustion engine. A combination of the engine and regenerative braking will help recharge the battery like an HEV. However, you will need to plug in this vehicle to fully recharge the battery to deliver the benefits of the electric range.

20 - 40 miles

Petrol tank

This will take 4 - 8 hours to charge on normal '3 pin' socket

Battery Electric Vehicle


This has no combustion engine and a much bigger battery. This must be charged to use the vehicle. You must plan journeys to ensure that they are within the vehicle’s max range or plan routes with charging facilities along the way.

Up to several hundred miles

No petrol tank

Charge necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of an EV?
The electric range of an EV varies by make and model - published Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) figures start at around 120 miles but go up to more than 350 miles. However, it’s important to remember that the actual range achieved during real-life driving is likely to be different to the published WLTP range and so careful consideration needs to be given to the specific model chosen.
If you are able to complete your regular journeys on a single charge, then the model chosen should be suitable for you. However, this does not mean that other models (with a lower range capability) are unsuitable, but that a bit more planning is required.
Does it take a long time for an EV to charge?
The time it takes to charge an EV depends on the speed of the charging unit and battery size (or how much electricity is needed), as well as the capability of the on-board charger (OBC) in the car, which varies by model.
Are EVs considerably more expensive than petrol and diesel cars?
EVs are still noticeably more expensive in terms of the upfront cost. However, you also need to take into account running costs, such as road tax, service and maintenance, and fuel costs. The overall running costs of an EV are lower than those of a petrol or diesel car.

Best Leasing Company and Best Green Initiative winner

Best Leasing Company and Best Green Initiative winner

Arval UK was crowned the winner of both Best Leasing Company and Best Green Initiative at the Business Car Awards 2020. We were recognised for our strong record for customer service, as well as having a robust zero-emission vehicle focus. We were also acknowledged for exploring how the future might look with our focus on EVs, along with aiming to double the market share of EVs in our own fleet.

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