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Why choose a green vehicle and why choose Arval?

Click on the different fuel types below to learn more


  • Zero tail-pipe emissions - Ideal for use in urban areas where air quality is a problem and legislation may encourage the use of low-emissions vehicles.
  • Low cost of operation - EVs may have a higher purchase price but can be cheaper in terms of maintenance and recharging an EV costs a fraction of the cost of fuel.
  • Sustainability -  Using EVs could play a significant part in your corporate social responsibility programme.
  • Lower Taxation - Because the UK vehicle taxation system is based on CO2 emissions, EVs enjoy significantly lower taxation and annual road fund licence.
  • Easy charging - Most EVs are charged overnight by their drivers. A mains socket can be used but a dedicated unit offers faster, safer and more efficient charging. We can also help with the installation of workplace charging.
  • Our partnership with NewMotion means we can offer smart charge points at offices and homes throughout the UK. This is an important consideration as with a fully electric vehicle there is no back up once you have run out of battery. Always be aware of the charge points closest to you.
  • Business drivers leasing electric vehicles have the option to rent a petrol or diesel vehicle for those times when you may need to make long journeys.
  • We’re also offering EV mid-term rentals of three to six months for business drivers, meaning you and your drivers can experience the benefits of an electric car or van first-hand to see whether it suits your needs.


Electric Vehicle (EV)

This has no combustion engine and a much bigger battery. This must be charged to use the vehicle. You must plan journeys to ensure they are within the vehicle’s max range or plan routes with charging facilities along the way.



Of the many benefits of running a PHEV, the one that will appeal to traditional fuel users the most, is having the combustion engine alongside the electric motor which can be recharged directly from a dedicated electrical supply. Typically the electric miles range for a PHEV is between 20-40 miles, and will perform best in urban start/stop road conditions. When in electric mode, not only will you be producing zero emissions but you can also recoupe some of the energy that would be lost through braking. It is important to note that the way you operate the vehicle will ultimately determine the range and efficiency of your vehicle. 

  • Choice - The number of manufacturers that now have plug-in hybrid fuel vehicle in their range, is on the increase. Some vary each of their model range with a hybrid version, meaning there will be a hybrid vehicle out there to suit all tastes and budget, in the not so distant future.
  • Tax Incentive - You may be able to take advantage of the tax benefits the government uses to incentivise ultra-low emission vehicles.
  • Low Emissions - Lower emissions means lower road tax. Hybrid cars will produce less harmful emissions than regular fuel types. Driving a lower emission vehicle can also qualify you for the 100% “Cleaner Vehicle Discount” from London Congestion Charges, providing your vehicle emits no more than 75 g/km of CO2 and have a minimum 20 mile zero emission capable range.


Hybrid Vehicle (HEV) Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)
This has a small battery, electric motor and combustion engine. It will travel a few miles on the electric power and then switch back to the combustion engine. A combination of the engine and regenerative braking will recharge the battery. This has a larger battery, electric motor and combustion engine. A combination of the engine and regenerative braking will help recharge the battery like an HEV. However, you will need to plug in this vehicle to fully recharge the battery to deliver the benefits of the electric range.


The world is changing and so is Arval. Fleet managers and drivers expect us to use the latest technology to support them. They expect information on the move and in an easy to digest format. Plus they want to communicate wherever they are, 24-hours a day.  Through the Arval Smart Experience we are responding through a range of innovative and interactive services that support our customers and their drivers.

The Arval Smart Experience will be available to Arval customers and their drivers very soon. Get in touch for more details.

Vertical Tabs

Arval Connect
Arval Connect

Your personal fleet resource. This new website contains a range of useful information to help you to effectively manage your fleet. Optimised for tablet, laptop and desktop use, you can access video reviews of fleet vehicles, maps of available service and maintenance sites, copy invoices and the latest industry news all in a secure environment.

 The features:

   - Secure site
   - Latest vehicle review videos
   - Live maps of our service and maintenance network
   - Access to copy invoices and PDF fleet reports
   - Useful videos providing fleet advice
   - Latest news direct from our Twitter feed
   - Access to our E-customer online reporting suite  


The benefits to you:

    - The information that you need in one place
    - Fast access to useful documents
    - Stay up to date with the latest news
    - Useful video content to support policy and decisions
    - Easy access to other Arval tools


Arval Fleet View
Arval Fleet View

Your entire fleet at the tip of your fingers. This tablet optimised dashboard quickly and simply displays the most useful vehicle related information at a glance saving you time and making it easy to make the right decisions. It covers information on your vehicles, an overview of your fleet costs, a view of vehicle usage and CO2 related metrics. 

 The features:

   - Tablet optimised dashboard of information
   - Visual format to make analysis fast and easy
   - Overall fleet metrics
   - Information on your fleet costs
   - Vehicle utilisation information
   - A complete picture of your fleet CO2
   - Supports fleet decision making

The benefits to you:

    - Easy to access key information
    - Fast and intuitive to use
    - Supports effective fleet decision making
    - Flexibility to access remotely via tablet device

Arval Drive Challenge
Arval Drive Challenge

Take the challenge to improve your driving. This free mobile app (available for iPhone and Android) is designed to raise awareness of driving behaviour and positively influence it. It measures speed, acceleration and braking using the GPS on the phone to highlight areas for improvement and to reward good driving performance.

The features:

    -Utilising GPS technology
    -Measure driving performance on every journey
    -Identify areas for improvement
    -Unlock rewards
    -Link directly to social media
    -Available for Apple iOS and Android

The benefits to your drivers:

    - Greater awareness of their driving performance
    - Identifies areas for improvement
    - Encourages better driving
    - Combines fun with a serious message


International Fleets

If you need an international fleet solution, we are a great choice for you.

As an international company with offices in 25 countries and partnerships in a further 14, we understand the challenges that you face.


Working with over 100 international customers, we effectively support some of the world’s largest companies with vehicle leasing and fleet management solutions.


With an established International Business Office, a multicultural team created specifically to support our international customers, we have the knowledge and experience required to share best practices while reflecting cultural differences across borders.


The benefits to you:

  • Deal with a truly international leasing company that can meet your fleet needs

  • Share fleet best practices across countries leading to a more efficient fleet

  • Enjoy the cost savings that economies of scale provide

  • Work with our specialist International Business Office

January 2021 Average Fuel Prices

Brand National Average (including Motorway)119.14115.59
Motorway National Average137.68133.69
SuperMarket National Average115.47112.02
Source: AllStar/Fleetcor January 2021
Arval Mid Term Rental

Contact us

For more information, please contact Sarah McArthur, Brand and Communications Manager

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How do they work?

Let us explain how all the latest alternative fuel technologies work, to help you make the right vehicle choice.

Full Electric

Put simply, it is a vehicle that is powered by an electric motor, which is charged using household electric. There is no combustion engine, but it does have a large battery which must be charged to use the vehicle. You must plan journeys to ensure they are within the vehicle's max range or plan routes with charging facilities along the way. 

Example Vehicle: Nissan Leaf

Power: 150 bhp

CO2: 0 g/km

Range: 253 miles*

Charge Time: 4 hours 30 minutes

*Range dependent on model chosen, battery condition, route and environment, and driving style.

Range Extender

Although it has a small internal combustion engine, this never powers the wheels of the car. Instead it is used to generate electricity to charge the battery. A range extender can give you up to 125 miles of pure electric driving, with emissions as low as 20 g/km. The BMW i3 is the most popular vehicle of this type.

Example Vehicle: BMW i3

Power: 170 bhp

CO2: 0 g/km

Range*: 153 miles

Charge Time (fast charge): 4 hours

*Range dependent on model chosen, battery condition, route and environment, and driving style.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

This has a larger battery, electric motor and combustion engine. A combination of the engine and regenerative braking will help recharge the battery like an HEV. However, you will need to plug in this vehicle to fully recharge the battery to deliver the benefits of the electric range. Some examples of this type of hybrid are theVolkswagen GTE, Volvo V60, BMW 2, 3 and 5 Series, Hyundai Ioniq and Kia Niro.

Example Vehicle: Hyundai Ioniq

Power: 141 bhp

CO2: 79 g/km

Electric Range*: 29 miles

MPG: 52

Charge Time (fast charge): 4-5 hours

*Range dependent on model chosen, battery condition, route and environment, and driving style.


This has a small battery, electric motor and combustion engine. It will travel a few miles on the electric power and then switch back to the combustion engine. A combination of the engine and regenerative braking will recharge the batteries. The Toyota and Lexus brands provide the most choice of Plug-in and hybrid vehicles.

Example Vehicle: Toyota Prius 1.8 VVTi Active 5dr CVT

Power: 120 bhp

CO2: 78 g/km

Electric Range*: 12 miles

MPG: 83.1

Charge Time (fast charge): 2 hours

*Range dependent on model chosen, battery condition, route and environment, and driving style.


Still have questions?

By Phone: 
0345 266 5017


Will I be able to get through to Arval?

Yes, following the latest Government guidance, essential members of our driver helpdesk and customer services teams will continue to work in the office. We have adapted our workplace to help keep them safe and this means that we will be able to answer your enquiries as quickly as possible.

As you can imagine we are still experiencing an increased volume of enquires. If you’ve already been in touch then we will come back to you, so please continue to bear with us during these times.

Are vehicle collections still taking place?

Yes, subject to Government guidelines we continue to work as quickly as possible to collect your vehicles but this is taking longer than it used to do.

We continue to explore options to increase capacity, but this is more challenging during lockdown. Additional safety measures mean:

  • Drivers are not able to use public transport to the same degree, so our suppliers have fitted out minibuses with Perspex screens to enable them to transport up to three drivers at a time
  • All inspections are done in a distanced way and keys are being placed into bags so no contact is made. In some instances we are inspecting and collecting separately
  • Where possible and safe for all parties, bulk vehicle collections are being scheduled


If you wish to discuss this with a member of the team please email us at vehiclereturn-operations@arval.co.uk. If you need to speak to us urgently please call on 0345 266 5287 and we will speak to you as soon as we can. Your vehicle collection can also be booked online.

What should I do if my vehicle is being collected?

If you have been notified that your vehicle will be collected, it must be parked safely and legally (e.g. with a parking permit), and keys must be kept in a secure place.

Are vehicle deliveries taking place?

Yes, subject to Government guidelines deliveries are still taking place. We know that you will be keen to take delivery of your new vehicle.

We are working closely with our dealer network to get your vehicle to you as soon as possible and we will update you accordingly. .

Due to these unforeseeable circumstances, there may still be a delay to your latest estimated delivery date.

  • If you have been given an expected delivery date, which is now getting very close, or has passed, you will receive a new date very soon

The dealer will confirm arrangements to ensure everyone’s safety when your vehicle is delivered.

In the meantime, if you already have an Arval vehicle you can continue to use it until your new vehicle is delivered.

Can you collect and deliver a vehicle at the same time – Key4Key (K4K)?

Yes, if arranged in advance and where possible, we operate a system called Key4Key so that you can have your old vehicle collected and your new one delivered at the same time.  

I won’t be driving as many miles - can I reduce my mileage?

Yes, to support you during the impact of COVID-19 we can amend your contract to reflect your reduced mileage. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your situation and provide you with a quote.

If you are on a payment break your contracted mileage will remain unchanged.

My Arval contract includes tyres, servicing, repairs and accident management – what’s happening with these services?

All of these services are available. Please consider that local restrictions may be in place due to the tier that the provider or you are in.

Where possible, we would encourage you to book in advance and allow increased time for work to be carried out.

To book and discuss arrangements for routine servicing and repairs - including glass and MOTs – please call the Arval Contact Centre on 0370 600 4499. This team only deals with these matters – not financial payments.

  • Tyre replacements can be booked with ATS via the website to give the branch the best opportunity to manage the requests that they are experiencing
  • Accident management and breakdown processes remain the same at this time, depending on your contract arrangements

If you would like to carry out checks at home, we have a vehicle road safety guide to help.

I’m worried about my finances is any help available for me?

In these unprecedented times, we appreciate that COVID-19 may be having an impact on your financial situation.

If your income has been affected, we have a range of options to help you. This includes the option to defer making payments under your rental agreement, without being considered to be in arrears.

If you are experiencing any financial challenges, please email us so we can discuss your needs and the available options. Please include your name, registration number and telephone number – but do not include any financially sensitive information – and send it to paymentbreak@arval.co.uk.  Please do not amend or cancel your Direct Debit without talking to us first.

We will do our very best to get back to you as soon as we can with some options, however because we are experiencing a very large number of emails and queries around this, we ask you to bear with us and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

The government has also provided increased support for businesses and individuals with the latest information available on gov.uk.

I’m on a payment break and I’ve received an invoice, will a payment be taken from my account?

No, although you have received an invoice a payment will not be deducted from your account during the payment break period. Our invoices are auto-generated and we have to issue them for VAT purposes.

As it is a payment break, you will still need to pay the amount, but after the payment holiday, as part of your agreed payment terms. 

I can’t afford to pay for my vehicle, so can I end my contract?

Yes, we can provide you with an early termination quote if you provide your current mileage and can discuss your situation.

Before you terminate your contract we can also discuss alternative payment options if you have financial concerns. Please contact paymentbreak@arval.co.uk

Has HMRC provided any guidance on company car tax and salary sacrifice for employers?

Yes, HMRC has now provided greater clarity for employers on company car availability for members of staff who are furloughed and for those who want to change salary sacrifice arrangements.

You can find out more from HMRC here and we would recommend seeking independent tax advice before making any changes to your existing company policies.

I’m a company car driver - can I avoid paying BIK tax while I’m not using my vehicle due to the COVID-19 situation?

We would recommend that on this matter you seek independent tax advice and contact HMRC for confirmation.

HMRC has now provided guidance for employers on BIK and salary sacrifice here

What is the situation with MOTs during the pandemic?

MOTs are still being carried out as the Government has classified this as an essential service.

We would encourage you to speak with us first before trying to book an MOT. The Arval Contact Centre team can be reached on 0370 600 4499.

You still need to keep your vehicle in a roadworthy condition and ensure you start the engine on a regular basis. If you do carry out checks on your vehicle at home, we have created a road safety guide to help you.

Where can I find out more information on payment difficulties?

If you are having any financial difficulties and are worried, to find out more information on how we can help you please visit our Money Worries FAQs