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Driver Solutions

Running a fleet of vehicles is a challenging activity. Today’s fleet managers are under pressure to maintain performance levels, control costs ensure that vehicles are fit for purpose and support drivers. It’s a lot to juggle!

If you need some help, our Driver Solutions product gives you the support of an expert team. Working for you they will meet your drivers’ needs; managing administration, checking compliance and dealing with everyday operational issues. This allows you to concentrate on the more strategic elements of your fleet. It covers three areas:


Core Driver Solutions

This is our essential support package. It provides your drivers with all the help they need during the vehicle-ordering process and throughout their time behind the wheel. We will:


  • Build a website tailored to your fleet policy and your drivers’ individual grade entitlements

  • Invite drivers to access the online quotation tool so they can choose and customise their order in line with your policy

  • Arrange demonstrator vehicles as appropriate

  • Handle authorised trade-up or trade-down requests

  • Obtain final authorisation for vehicle orders when required

  • Manage the order process, liaising with the driver on delivery details and, where applicable, the return of their previous vehicle

  • Support the driver throughout their time with the vehicle


Fleet Administration Support

We can provide additional business car leasing support in the form of our Fleet Administration package. It can be tailored to meet your needs and in line with your fleet policy, releasing you from as much or as little of the day-to-day administrative burden as you wish. We can:


  • Manage driver data on your account

  • Manage your company car policy and ensure that updates are issued to all relevant employees

  • Manage cash allowance drivers and co-ordinate the renewal process

  • Provide all relevant data for P11D/P46 forms or tax-at-source processes, including trade-up or trade-down and one-off payments

  • Reallocate surplus vehicles back into your driver population


We can also provide further options including payroll reporting, bespoke telephone lines, and secure data transfer between your HR systems and driver database


Legacy Fleet Management

We can also support you with the management of your existing vehicle fleet making the switch from another leasing company to Arval a smooth one. The advantage is that going forward, everything can be centralised under one policy. It covers:


  • Renewal management of the vehicles

  • Driver support and contact management

  • Maintenance

  • Accident management

  • Breakdown assistance

  • Relicensing and fine management

  • Insurance

  • Fuel card management

  • Motor Insurance Bureau reporting

  • Short-term Rental