Frequently Asked Questions For Drivers

What should I do if I break down?

Simply call the Arval Driver Contact Centre on 0370 600 4499. They will be able to assist regardless of the make or age of your vehicle.


What should I do if I am involved in an accident?

We recommend that you take the following steps:

  • Firstly, stop at the scene of the incident

  • Do not admit liability

  • Call the Emergency Services if there are any injuries or serious damage to vehicles or property

  • Note the particulars of any witnesses at the scene

  • Take the names and addresses of witnesses

  • Note the road and weather conditions and speed before impact

  • If possible, draw a rough sketch of the incident scene or take photographs

  • If your company takes Arval Accident Management, call our freephone number 0870 600 4499 and choose option 2.

  • We will then guide you through the process, arranging vehicle recovery and alternative transport, managing the repair service and liaising with insurers if necessary


What documentation do I need to take my lease vehicle out of the UK?

It is a legal requirement when you take a vehicle outside the UK to have the following documentation:

  • VE103 document

  • Insurance certificate

  • Your passport

We issue a VE103 document for foreign travel which is an acceptable replacement for the Registration Document. There is a charge of £15.00 + VAT per certificate and the certificate is valid for a period of one year. Please try to request this document at least a week before you travel.