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Arval Mobility Observatory


Arval Mobility Observatory is the new name for CVO (Corporate Vehicle Observatory) - our specialist research channel that is now widely recognised as one of the most informative pieces of work carried out in the company vehicle and mobility sector. The research is conducted every year, asking a wide range of questions and digging deep into the latest vehicle trends in the UK and beyond across Europe.

This year we carried out almost 4,000 in-depth interviews with key decision makers in businesses across a wide range of sectors. The people we spoke to were responsible for company vehicles, ranging from just one company vehicle to fleets in the thousands, giving us a truly colourful and broad insight into what is happening on the ground in the industry. 

Below you will find a snap shot of how both small to medium sized businesses (50 vehicles or less) and larger companies (with 50 or more vehicles) in the UK are managing their different fleets.




You can also download the full Arval Mobility Observatory research report – containing even more insights from across the industry: 




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