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Our partnership

We take a partnership approach to supporting large customers, delivering results because we really understand your requirements and priorities.

Central to this is our Account Team Structure where a dedicated Business Manager and an Account Manager provide ongoing support and a clear point of contact. From regular face-to-face meetings to daily telephone or email conversations, they will become an extension of your business. You can also count on us to provide great levels of support to your drivers. Our Driver Contact Centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a single phone number specific to your business. Highly trained and UK based, they will be on hand to keep your drivers moving.

 Regular Business Reviews, Fleet Reviews and Partner Plans allow us to review strategy with you, discuss progress and agree the measures for success. This will ensure that the objectives we are working towards are aligned to your priorities and that you have full visibility of the progress we are making. We will be happy to set service levels for key tasks and provide regular reporting to show how we are performing.


You will be invited to our large customer events. They give you the opportunity to network and learn from other fleet managers and allowing us to talk to you about the latest fleet practices and how they could benefit your business. These include safety and CSR related content, through to specialist van seminars and roadshows giving your drivers the chance to test drive models within their choice list.


The benefits to you:

A partnership approach ensuring that our objectives are aligned and that progress is made to meet them

Clear and familiar points of contact who understand your business requirements

Defined service levels giving you a clear picture of our performance

Regular reviews to discuss strategy and identify areas for fleet improvement

Driver support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The opportunity to attend useful events and network with other fleet managers