22 Nov 2017

Textile maintenance service provider Berendsen became one of the first adopters of Arval Total Care in 2017. This provides them with a complete and cost- effective approach to vehicle leasing. It ensures they have access to a range of fully insured and maintained leased vehicles whenever they’re needed.


Berendsen is the UK’s largest provider of service solutions to lease, source, clean and maintain textiles. They provide a wide range of specialist products and services to the hospitality, industrial, commercial, healthcare and public sectors. In the UK, Berendsen has a company vehicle fleet of 580 contract hire vehicles.

Of this total, Berendsen’s 230 light commercial vehicles are used by their delivery drivers who operate from 60 sites across the UK. The 350-strong car fleet - which consists of Volkswagens, Audis, BMWs and Jaguars - is driven by account managers, sales staff and the senior management team.

We began working with Berendsen as sole supplier in 2012. Two years later, we were asked to provide them with fully outsourced services and, earlier this year, Berendsen became one of the early adopters of Arval Total Care. This product allows them to include accident management, damage cover and breakdown assistance at a fixed price for the duration of the lease.

Robert Hitchcock, Group Procurement Category Manager for Fleet, Fuel, Logistics and Warehousing at Berendsen, explained:

"We quickly realised that the Arval Total Care package would not only be cost-efficient but would also help us streamline our fleet operations even more."


Dealing with one supplier makes it simple. Arval Total Care gives Berendsen peace of mind, knowing that one call to us will resolve all their vehicle needs. By insuring the vehicle as part of the lease, Berendsen now pay a fixed rental for the
contract term - which can be anything from 2-4 years - safe in the knowledge that premiums won’t increase.

Included in the Arval Total Care package are:

  • A leased vehicle
  • Third party liability cover
  • Own damage protection - including fire and theft
  • Glass damage protection
  • Maintenance
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Accident management


Berendsen know exactly what their monthly payments will be for the vehicles they lease through the Arval Total Care programme. The maintenance element ensures those cars and vans are consistently maintained and serviced to a high standard while the extensive breakdown package is also there to provide peace of mind.

Robert added: "As a result of Arval Total Care, we’ve now brought all aspects of our fleet management under one roof. We only need to make one phone call or log on once in order to resolve an accident or any other concerns we’ve got with one of the cars and vans we lease. With that comes peace of mind."

The third-party liability cover comes as part of the lease, and own damage vehicle cover means accident damage throughout the life of the contract is repaired following any incidents at no cost to Berendsen, subject to an incident charge.

Robert concludes: “An added bonus of the Total Care package is that it allows us to have continuity of where vehicles go to be repaired and this whole process is managed effectively to minimise downtime which has cost us money in the past. The fact that there’s now a single point of contact for everything to do with the vehicle is invaluable.”


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