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An update from Paul Hyne, Commercial Director

Essential services will continue during lockdown

In-line with updated Government guidance and working closely with our supply chain partners, I’d like to let you know that currently our core services will continue during the lockdown period. We will of course be prioritising key workers and businesses critical to keeping the country healthy and running.

In order to handle the large volume of enquiries which arise during lockdown we have made sure that our frontline staff in the Arval Contact Centre, Customer Services and your Account Manager will be available and where needed, able to work safely from our COVID-19 adapted offices.

Core services including:

  • servicing, maintenance, repairs and MOTs will continue
  • accident management, breakdown, emergency tyre and glass replacement are unaffected
  • short and medium term vehicle rental arrangements will remain open, however essential services will be a priority
  • vehicle collections and deliveries will continue, but lead times may increase


During this challenging time, businesses and organisations face increased financial pressures. We are able to discuss options to help and organise contract extensions if you feel this is appropriate.

As always, your Business Manager is available to help answer any questions you may have. To save you time, we’ve also collated answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. I will of course keep you updated if anything changes over the coming days and weeks that has an impact on our key services.

Thank you for your understanding, please stay safe and healthy,

Paul Hyne,

Commercial Director, Arval UK



Your Questions Answered


1. Are vehicle collections still taking place?

Yes, subject to Government guidelines we continue to work as quickly as possible to collect your vehicles but this is taking longer than it used to do.

We continue to explore options to increase capacity, but this is more challenging during lockdown. We are also offering vehicle contract extensions, if appropriate.

If you have vehicles coming up for return, please let your Account Manager know as soon as you can and we’ll develop a plan to organise arrangements, which suit your drivers’ needs.

Things are improving, however collections continue to take longer than they used to do and we expect this will remain this way for the foreseeable future. This is due to a number of factors, notably the ongoing Government restrictions and additional safety measures that continue to help to keep everyone safe.

They include:

  • The use of public transport has reduced and adapted minibuses enable suppliers to transport up to three drivers at a time.
  • All inspections are done in a distanced way and keys are being placed into bags so no contact is made. In some instances we are inspecting and collecting separately.
  • Where possible and safe for all parties, bulk vehicle collections are being scheduled.

If there is an urgent collection, please contact your Account Manager.


2. Are vehicle deliveries still taking place?

Yes, subject to the latest Government guidelines our dealer network is working to get vehicles delivered as soon as possible. We know that your drivers will be keen to take delivery of their new vehicles.

Due to the changing situation with COVID-19 we continue to work with estimated delivery dates. If drivers have been given an expected delivery date, which is now getting very close or has passed, they will receive a new date very soon.

The dealer will confirm delivery arrangements to ensure everyone’s safety when vehicles are delivered.

If drivers already have a vehicle provided by Arval, they can continue to use them until a new vehicle is delivered.


3. Why can’t you work with additional collection partners?

When the pandemic first impacted our services several months ago, we on-boarded an additional partner to help increase capacity in this area.

We continue to explore further options to make this more efficient. However, we need to ensure that any new partner is able to follow the correct operational processes and follows the high standards we expect, to make this work effectively.


4. What’s happening with tyres, servicing, repairs and accident management?

As an essential service and in-line with Government guidance, these services are still being carried out.

We would encourage drivers to book in advance, because due to social distancing requirements and other factors, regular services are taking longer than usual. Our supply partners are focused on managing emergencies and keeping customers mobile.

To book and discuss arrangements for routine servicing and repairs - including glass and MOTs – drivers should call the Arval Contact Centre on 0370 600 4499.

Please bear with the contact centre team as they are experiencing an increased volume of enquiries.

To help us manage volumes, we would like to ask drivers that if it’s not urgent, please leave it until things settle down. 

  • Tyre replacements can be booked with ATS via the website
  • Accident management and breakdown processes remain the same at this time, depending on contract arrangements


5. Is financial support available if my business is affected?

The government has provided increased support for businesses with the latest information available on

We appreciate that Coronavirus is extremely challenging for all our customers’ cash flows and we would encourage you to get in touch with your Business Manager straight away if you are experiencing any financial challenges so that we can discuss options.


6. Has HMRC provided any guidance on company car tax and salary sacrifice for employers?

Yes, HMRC has provided greater clarity for employers on company cars and for those who want to change salary sacrifice arrangements.

You can find out more from HMRC here and we would recommend seeking independent tax advice before making any changes to your existing company policies.


7. Can company car drivers avoid paying BIK tax while they’re not using their vehicles?

We would recommend that drivers seek independent tax advice on this matter and contact HMRC for confirmation.

HMRC has provided guidance for employers on BIK and salary sacrifice here


8. Are MOTs still being carried out during lockdown?

Yes, as an essential service, MOTs continue to be carried out during lockdown. We would encourage your drivers to speak with us first – via the Arval Contact Centre on 0370 600 4499. – before trying to book an MOT.

Vehicles must be kept in a roadworthy condition – if unused for a period of time, please ensure your drivers start their engines on a regular basis.


9. Will I be able to get through to Arval during the lockdown?

Yes, following the latest Government guidance, essential members of our driver helpdesk and customers services teams will continue to work in the office. We have adapted our workplace to help keep them safe and this means that we will be able to answer your enquiries as quickly as possible.

As you might imagine however, we’re experiencing an increased number of enquiries and a larger number of colleagues are now working at home. If you’ve already been in touch then we will come back to you, please continue to bear with us during this difficult time.


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