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Green Great Britain Week

It’s the first annual Green Great Britain Week – a government initiative designed to raise understanding of how businesses and the public can contribute to tackling climate change. The UK is a world leader in cutting down emissions whilst also creating wealth and growing business. Between 1990 and 2016, it’s cut emissions by over 40% while simultaneously growing the economy by two thirds. 

At Arval, this is a very important subject for us. Our aim is to give you the best information to make the right company vehicle decisions. And while we understand that keeping you mobile is the most important thing, we want it to happen in a socially and environmentally conscious way.

Throughout the week we will be sharing guides, whitepapers and vehicle recommendations to point you in the right direction. Make sure to follow our TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn accounts to get these updates. 

To co-incide with Green GB Week, we’re also proud to introduce our new Alternative Technology Calculator. It’s a tool that will recommend alternative types of technology based on your needs and how you would use the vehicle. Click here to try it out

The Alternative Technology Calculator will highlight the rapid advancement of viable petrol and diesel alternatives such as Electric Vehicles (EV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). Each has its benefits, which are outlined below.

We also produced the guide ‘Minimising the Environmental Impact of Your Fleet’ for Arval customers only. However, during Green Great Britain Week we will be making this available for free for anyone to download and keep. Click the button below to access the guide. 



Find out more about Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Electric Vehicles (EV) by taking a look at our explainer pages below, and also our recommended offers for each technology type. 

How we can help

How we can help

Here you’ll find a host of useful guides, information and whitepapers to help you make the right decisions about your environmental needs and your choice of vehicles. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and have the expertise to offer a range of products and services that are designed to meet those needs. Not only that, we promise to work with you to ensure your fleet is always as green as it can be.

The Beginning

The environment is an area of vehicle use where some of the most interesting developments are currently available – and Arval is right at the cutting edge. Forecasts vary but most commentators agree that zero emission electric vehicles will become an increasingly popular choice over the next few years. Emissions scandals, new emissions test regulations, climate change and ultra-low emission zones in larger cities are all factors that are speeding up the advancement of new technologies. 

Useful Information:

Future Fleet - Clearing the air around diesel - This whitepaper discusses the effect of harmful of emissions on the environment and the new regulatory framework around emission testing. Click the button below to access the guide.


Vehicle emissions test (WLTP) and how it affects you - Read our useful article which explains what WLTP is and how it could affect you as a car driver. 


Every year we run a research piece called the Corporate Vehicle Observatory Barometer (CVO), asking a wide range of questions to give us insight into the latest company car and van trends in the UK and across the rest of Europe. In 2018, we carried out 3,718 separate and detailed interviews with people responsible for company vehicles. These decision makers worked for the full mix of businesses, covering all sectors and ranging in size from just one vehicle to thousands.

We have put together a snap shot of how businesses are managing their vehicles from the point of view of small/medium sized businesses (less than 50 vehicles) and large businesses (50 or more vehicles). Once you’ve read these, we would recommend you download the full 2018 CVO report, to really get down to the details.


CVO Report 2018 - analysis of how small/medium size businesses and large businesses are operating their company vehicles. 

going green

Are you thinking of ‘going green’? If so, we’re on hand to assist you in making the right decisions to meet your needs. From the right technology to the most effective ways to define your vehicle fleet policies, we can help. 


Future Fleet - defining your future fleet policy whislt taking into account the WLTP emissions testing. 


Alternative Technology Calculator - Hybrid. Plug-in hybrid. Electric. Hydrogen. You might be seriously considering one of these technologies as your next vehicle. Before ordering one, you must make sure it will meet your lifestyle requirements and, where applicable, ensure that it doesn’t impact your company. Use our new Alternative Technology calculator to help you make the right choice. 


Top 10 Tips to save money on fuel - The cost of your fuel makes up a large part of the weekly, monthly and annual cost of running a vehicle. With fuel prices going up and down on a weekly basis you may be looking for ways to reduce your fuel costs. This is where we can help. We’ve put together our top 10 tips for saving money on your fuel bills.


Minimising the environmental impact of your fleet - There’s an increasing focus on the environmental impact of different fuel types, particularly the affect diesel engines has on air quality. This guide has been created to help you identify opportunities to reduce your fleet's environmental impact.

Alternative Mobility

There are many solutions to achieving greener mobility, and at Arval we understand that one size doesn't fit all. We are keen to work with you and discuss your needs, before we offer any solutions. Below you will see the different ways we can help to achieve this.


Future Fleet - Guide to electric LCV's - For the first time, mainstream manufacturers are starting to make a reasonably wide choice of electric vans available to fleets in the UK. Compact vans such as the Renault Kangoo and Nissan e-NV200 are being followed by others in the 3.5 tonne sector including the Renault Master EV and Volkswagen E-Crafter. 


How can you make my fleet greener? - This brochure pulls together all the useful and most current information around running a greener and more susatainable fleet of vehicles.