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Drivers Safety Legislation 28 May 2021

As the mornings and evenings darken, and the weather takes a turn for the worse, we’ve some handy tips to help keep you safe and keep you moving.


The Bare Essentials

These should be checked at least once a month all year round, but are even more important as we transition into Autumn and Winter.



It’s vital to regularly check tread depth and tyre pressures - you should change your tyres as soon as the tread reaches 2mm. Always check your tyre pressures when they’re cold. Tyre replacements can be booked quickly and easily online, or via our Arval DriverLine, with ATS. Our preference is to fit Michelin Cross Climate tyres as they’re market leading for longevity, durability and safety. They’re the first standard tyre to achieve “3 Peaks” accreditation as a winter tyre, so their year round performance is particularly suited to UK weather - and you don’t have to change them seasonally.


Fluid Levels

Check your oil level and keep it topped up, but don’t overfill it. You should also check coolant and brake fluid levels and arrange for a top-up through your local garage.



Keep the washer fluid topped up and check the wiper blades, replacing if necessary.



Make sure your front, rear and fog lights and indicators are clean and working properly.


Download the full guide for all of our Winter driving tips

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Drivers Safety Legislation