Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) Derogation

LCV Safety & Legislation 28 May 2021

The law has changed for alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) with a gross vehicle weight limit between 3.5 tonnes and 4.25 tonnes, resulting in some regulatory exemptions. This includes fully electric vans.


The 4.25t GVW derogation applies to vehicles with Electric, Natural Gas, LPG Biogas and Hydrogen drive trains. The law now
allows drivers who hold a Category B (passenger car) driving licence to drive AFVs up to 4.25t as long as they:

  • are transporting goods
  • have completed at least 5 hours of training
  • are not towing a trailer
  • are not driving outside of Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland).

Download the full guide for full details on GVW derogation

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