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Why Arval ?

International vehicle leasing with local knowledge, Arval will help you co-ordinate your vehicle fleet across multiple territories.

If your business operates in a number of countries, we have the expertise to help. We are a truly international company with offices in 25 countries and partnerships in a further 14 so we understand the challenges that you face.


We combine global strategy with local insight, all the time respecting national cultures, legislation and regulation. Our specialist approach not only ensures greater consistency between companies and countries within major groups, it also provides valuable economies of scale.


We already help more than 100 international customers to develop a consistent and effective fleet policy, incorporating areas like cost control and corporate social responsibility.


We also share best practices across groups to make international vehicle fleets as efficient as possible. At the heart of our service is our International Business Office, a multicultural team created specifically to support our international customers with the unique requirements that they have.


The benefits to you:

  • Deal with a truly international leasing company that can meet your fleet needs
  • Share fleet best practices across countries leading to a more efficient fleet
  • Enjoy the cost savings that economies of scale provide
  • The support of our International Business Office, helping you to get the most from your international vehicle fleet