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Cost Management

Controlling company vehicle costs is one of the most important roles for a fleet manager. We work with our customers on a Total Cost of Ownership (or Whole Life Cost) approach. This helps them to gain a full understanding of their costs and reduce them.

Our experts will use powerful calculators to identify the Total Cost of Ownership of vehicles within your fleet. They will also compare this to other vehicles on the market helping you to include the most cost effective options within your policy.


Crucially this approach assesses the full range of vehicle related costs including depreciation, tax, maintenance, fuel, insurance and of course the vehicle rental. This gives you a far more accurate picture of overall costs than focusing on the lease rental in isolation.


When comparing two similar vehicles we often see that the one with the lower lease rental is the more expensive choice when all costs are considered. That’s why modelling the costs of different vehicles is an important part of the vehicle selection process and regularly delivers significant cost savings for our customers.

The benefits to you:

  • Gain a clearer picture of your fleet costs
  • Reduce costs throughout the period of the lease
  • Directly compare similar vehicles to see which is the more cost effective
  • Model fleet options before you make a decision