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To make the best decisions you need a full picture of your fleet activity. That’s why we have developed a range of useful online reporting tools, each aimed at supporting you in a different way.

Simple and secure, our tools can be accessed at any time and from anywhere providing convenience and control. From the ability to drill down into the detail, to an overview of key metrics, they provide essential support for any fleet manager.

Arval Connect

This secure website provides an essential information hub relating to the general fleet market and to your own fleet. It is from here that you can access our other reporting tools including E-customer and Fleet View.


From basic reporting and tracking vehicles on order to video reviews of popular fleet vehicles and information on the latest market trends, it is a rich resource for any fleet manager.


The benefits to you:

  • One-click access to our reporting tools including E-customer and Fleet View
  • Stay up to date with the latest market news using our rich video content
  • Enjoy the flexibility of being able to view your copy invoices and reports whenever you want
  • Track vehicles on order so that you can keep drivers informed

Arval Fleet View

The new Arval Fleet View is a powerful, daily refreshed and responsive web-based dashboard, providing useful information 24/7. It assists you in managing your fleet and controlling your costs by providing the metrics you need at a glance.

Available at anytime, anywhere and on a range of devices.


The benefits to you:

  • Identify at a glance, your current fleet activity
  • Monitor and control your total cost of ownership by drilling down to specific information
  • Collect relevant information on each of your contracts
  • Get a complete picture of your fleet CO2



This is our online customer portal providing useful information about your vehicle fleet and giving you an easy and flexible way to access reporting and invoicing. It has been created for when you need to drill down into the detail.


From here you can run and view a comprehensive set of reports. You will also have access to invoices and a dashboard which gives you live access to quotations, allows you to order vehicles, and you can update information relating to your vehicle fleet.


You can send messages direct to your Arval team from this tool and it will also prompt you with alerts; flagging where you need to take action, for example pending authorisations.


The benefits to you:

  • Easy access to your Arval team through the tool
  • Stay on top of pending actions with our alerts functionality
  • Be confident in your decisions thanks to our comprehensive reporting


You can use our secure website to gain instant access to your  invoices giving you greater control, flexibility and convenience.


The benefits to you:

  • Access your invoices from anywhere and on any device
  • Gain instant access to invoices rather than waiting for the post
  • Reduce your impact on the environment
  • Rest assured that your information is encrypted and secure