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Why Vehicle Leasing ?

Thousands of businesses lease their company vehicles and with good reason.

It is a cost-effective approach to funding while at the same time providing certainty and reducing your exposure to the risks associated with the unpredictable used vehicle market.


The fixed monthly payments support you in setting and managing your company vehicle budget, and additional products like maintenance and insurance can easily be included in the lease at a fixed price to make sure that your operating costs remain stable.


We offer a full range of supporting products and services which you can benefit from. These range from fast access to short-term rental vehicles right through to driver services where we will support your drivers and take-on all of the day-to-day administrative tasks linked to that.

The brand image of your company will be important, and ensuring that your employees are driving modern and well maintained lease vehicles when representing your company on business will certainly help. It will also help you to meet duty of care requirements ensuring that the vehicles that your employees use are safe and fit for purpose.

The contract itself can be tailored to suit your unique requirements but will typically be between three and five years. If you need a shorter duration, we also provide a cost-effective Mid-Term Rental with flexible business rentals from one to 24 months’ product. At the end of the lease, we will collect and dispose of the vehicle. This means that you don’t need to worry about how to sell the vehicle, or the state of the used vehicle market and amount that it has depreciated.

The benefits to you

  • Manage your budgets and control your fleet costs more easily with fixed monthly payments
  • Save money by making the most of our buying power through the rates that we pass onto you
  • Support your company reputation with modern, well maintained vehicles
  • Protect your drivers by ensuring they are using vehicles which are safe and fit for purpose
  • Remove your exposure to the unpredictable used vehicle market