Product Packs

We offer the full range of products and services for you to choose from, but if you need a helping hand to get the best mix for your business, we also offer product packs.

They provide a great starting point and bring together useful product and service bundles which could provide a simple solution to meet your company vehicle needs.

Arval Essential


Arval Essential provides all the benefits of Contract Hire vehicle funding with the added control that comes from including all maintenance work within the monthly rental.


In addition, we include a comprehensive breakdown package to keep your drivers on the road. We will always do our best to repair your vehicle at the roadside, but if that's not possible your driver will be offered a replacement vehicle for 48-hours to minimise disruption to them and to your business.


Arval Contract Hire is at the heart of this pack, providing off balance sheet funding and ensuring fixed monthly rentals making it easier for you to manage your fleet costs. With the cost of maintenance and premium tyres included within the rental, it couldn't be easier to keep your business moving.


Arval Extra


This pack provides all of the features of Arval Essential as well as:


The Accident Management element provides immediate support to a driver who has been involved in a collision so that we can keep them mobile and repair their vehicle as quickly as possible.


Plus Arval Daily Rental means that we can quickly and cost effectively provide an additional vehicle (or vehicles) whenever you need them.


The benefits to you:

  • It’s simple as you just choose the vehicle, duration and mileage to suit your needs and we do the rest

  • Our pricing is very competitive because we buy more than 25,000 vehicles a year and maintain over 160,000 so we negotiate great deals for you

  • We deliver your invoices through a secure online portal, giving you access to your financial information whenever you want it

  • We only use trusted dealerships to order and maintain our vehicles and we review their performance all the time, to make sure that you get good quality service