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How can you save me money?

with fleet efficiency

An efficient fleet is also a cost effective one, but what does fleet efficiency mean? 

To us, it means fulfilling a fundamental objective – saving you money while reducing the amount of work you need to do to reach the outcomes you want. This aim is simple to explain but can be extremely difficult for fleets to achieve. That’s why Arval has created a whole suite of products designed to help you drive the efficiency gains you desire. They range from familiar services to more comprehensive solutions. Each has proven to deliver for fleets in real world situations again and again.

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Short-Term Rental

A Strategically managed car and van rental with complete flexibility and easy booking

Mid-Term Rental

Longer term rental means lower costs for periods from a month through to two years.

Active Link

Using telematics insights to drive savings…delivering better information for better decisions.

Arval Total Care

Almost everything you need to operate a fleet car or van... just add fuel and a driver.