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Mid-Term Rental

What is it?

If you need a vehicle for longer than a few days or weeks but not for years, there have been few options available until Mid-Term Rental from Arval. 

  • It’s a simple yet effective product ideal if you need fully serviced vehicles between one and 24 months
  • Hiring is easy. You choose a vehicle category, the duration of the contract and mileage according to the needs of your business, and we’ll deliver a high quality car or van within 48 hours* to your home or office.
  • Prices are competitive and the service is designed to be fully inclusive, featuring maintenance and breakdown assistance.



You choose the duration and mileage, plus you can adapt the contract term to suit your business needs


We will arrange for the vehicle to be delivered to your drivers office or home (UK mainland)


Choose a vehicle category and we select the most appropriate vehicle for your needs


Arval will only select quality vehicles


Vehicles can be delivered almost immediately (48 hours)

Single POint of contact

A single dedicated contact within the Arval team


Pricing is based on vehicle catergory and length of contract


You can nominate authorised personnel to amke vehicle bookings, ensuring complete control over costs


A fully inclusive service - including Maintenance and Breakdown assistance - for a single price

Tax reporting

Provision of the information required to support P11D submissions

Waiting for a car that is on order

Have you placed a car on order but delivery isn't due for a few months? MTR fills the gap

Probationary and fixed term staff

Got staff who need a car for a fixed term? Why not provide one using MTR.

Seasonal Peaks

MTR is ideal to cope with demands for a specific contract, project or seasonal activity

Pool vehicles

Pool vehicle demand often rises and falls. Use MTR to meet your need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have picked what we think are the top 5 most important questions that you may need answers to below.

If would like to discuss the Mid-Term Rental product in more detail please give us a call on 0345 266 5366 or e-mail us at midtermrental@arval.co.uk 

How will the end of contract ‘handover’ process work?

Arval’s logistics partner will carry out a full assessment of the vehicle in line with guidelines laid down by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association 

How often will I have to change vehicles?

We try and keep you in the same vehicle although there might be the odd occasion where we will need to swap. In the event where we need to change the vehicle you’ll be given 5 working days notice.

Can I terminate my Mid-Term Rental vehicle contract early?

Yes – We will only charge you the difference between the rate for the period you have had the vehicle and the rental you have paid to date.

Are there any Excess Mileage charges associated with Mid-Term Rental?

Yes, the Excess Mileage charge will be 15p per mile.

Will I be able to extend my initial contract period?

Yes, you will have the ability to extend your contract period at any point.

Fair wear and tear: Will you charge me for wear and tear at the end of my rental?

When vehicles are returned at the end of their rental, they should be in good condition

If damage has occurred, which is not deemed fair wear and tear, you are responsible for paying for the cost of the repair. Please speak to a member of our team for more information

Click here to download our Mid-Term Rental brochure