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Short-Term Rental

If you need a vehicle quickly to meet a short-term business need, we have access to more than 200,000 Short-Term Rental vehicles across 800 UK locations.

Perfect for any period from one day up to a month, you can select from vehicle categories ranging across small and medium sized cars to executive saloons and vans.


Short-Term Rental is ideal for:

  • One-off occasions when you need a larger car or van

  • Periods when fleet vehicles are off the road for servicing or repairs

  • Business trips for employees without a company car as a safer alternative to using a grey fleet vehicle


We can supply standard cars and vans in as little as two hours. You can book them online or over the phone safe in the knowledge that they will be modern and well maintained.


If you regularly need rental vehicles, we can also help you to create a policy and provide reporting to show you exactly how many rental vehicles you are using, how often and how much you are spending.


The benefits to you:

  • Fast and flexible access to high quality cars and vans

  • The reassurance that we will always have a vehicle available

  • The convenience that comes with hundreds of vehicle locations across the UK

  • Useful reporting to show you exactly how much you are spending through Short-Term Rental