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Arval Active Link

Arval Active Link is our telematics product, which is a unique solution designed by Arval to be fully integrated with our other products and services and delivered within a bespoke Arval platform. When you subscribe to Arval Active Link you will get access to intuitive information which can be tailored to your needs, providing clear summaries of important data and alerts based on your defined requirements.

It focuses on three main customer benefits:



how it works

When you subscribe to this service, you get our core module Arval Active Link. You can then choose to add additional modules to this, depending on what your needs are. Below we will show you all the optional modules available to you, and what they do

Arval Active Link

This is our core module which provides...

  • Fuel efficiency monitoring (engine idling, fuel consumption monitoring  and benchmarking between vehicles, fuel spend analysis using   
    fuel card data, CO2 monitoring, fraud identification and fuel efficiency  through driving performance) 
  • Vehicle mileage monitoring (accurate recording of the vehicles  mileage to track under/over contracted mileage or the need for servicing
  • Driver behaviour monitoring and benchmarking (braking, acceleration  and aggressive cornering)

Active Journey

  • Automated capture of business v’s private miles for HMRC purposes  and accurate reclaim for private fuel 
  • Uses actual GPS positioning for tracking journey distances for  optimum accuracy and compliance 
  • Drivers can access, amend and submit their journeys within         
    via any device
  • Private miles cannot be viewed by a Fleet Manager or Admin to  protect driver privacy 

Active Routing

  • This option provides access to real-time location of vehicles for   job allocation/scheduling and start/end times of vehicle usage for  operational efficiency

Active Sharing

  • This optional module is designed for pool vehicles and can  differentiate between individual drivers using a shared vehicle   to accurately manage performance measures and assessments of  individual driving behaviour at any particular point in time

Additional Hardware Options

To provide even greater customer choice, two additional hardware options are available for customers: 


Privacy Button

  • Discreet button in the vehicle that drivers can use to switch off   tracking of their vehicle whilst they are making private journeys 
  • Fleet Managers and Admin can receive notifications of when this is activated to ensure it is not used when the driver is known to be  driving for business purposes 

ODB Dongle

  • Provides additional vehicle alerts (such as service warning alerts that  appear on the driver’s dashboard or activation of airbags) 

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