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Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle technology has moved ahead rapidly in recent years, with increases in car and van range, reduced charging times and lower prices.

This means, for the first time, many fleets have a viable alternative to petrol and diesel.


there are 3 types of vehicle

Hybrid Vehicle (HEV)

This has a small battery, electric motor and combustion engine. It will travel a few miles on the electric power and then switch back to the combustion engine. A combination of the engine and regenerative braking will recharge the battery.

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV)

This has a larger battery, electric motor and combustion engine. A combination of the engine and regenerative braking will help recharge the battery like an HEV. However, you will need to plug in this vehicle to fully recharge the battery to deliver the benefits of the electric range.

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

This has no combustion engine and a much bigger battery. This must be charged to use the vehicle. You must plan journeys to ensure they are within the vehicle’s max range or plan routes with charging facilities along the way.

Electric Vehicle Products & Services

Electric Vehicles (EV’s) bring a wide range of benefits. They offer zero emissions at the tailpipe, meaning that they are perfect for use in areas that suffer from air quality problems. They also attract very low taxation. Because they are powered by electric motors, maintenance is reduced compared to a combustion-engined vehicle while the cost of refuelling is reduced to a few pounds for a charge that covers hundreds of miles. Charging itself is improving all the time with a growing network and grants available to make fitting charge points more affordable at home and in the workplace. Arval can help you and your drivers through our partnership with New Motion.

  • A comprehensive range of electric vehicles
  • Charging points for home and workplaces in partnership with New Motion
  • New Motion network payment card
  • Automatic refund for home charging
  • Mobile App easing EV charge experience

Our view of the future, is that fleets will include a range of fuels, with the EV playing an important part. Although electric range and charging times can be perceived as a barrier, this is rapidly improving as new models are launched with ranges in the region of 200 miles or more.
However, Arval can even provide support in this area, our consultancy team can help conduct a viability study to see whether electric cars and vans would be suitable for your fleet or which type of drivers would benefit the most.


Why go full electric?

1. Zero tail-pipe emissions 

Ideal for use in urban areas where air quality is a problem and  legislation may encourage the use of low-emissions vehicles.


2. Low cost of operation

EV’s may have a higher purchase price but can be cheaper in terms of maintenance, and recharging an EV costs a fraction of the cost of fuel.


3. Sustainability

Using EV's could play a significant part in your Corporate Social Responsibility programe.


4. Lower taxation

Because the UK vehicle taxation system is based on CO2 emissions, EVs enjoy significantly lower taxation and annual road fund licence.


5. Easy charging

Most EVs are charged overnight by their drivers. A mains socket can be used but a dedicated unit offers faster, safer and more efficient charging. We can also help with the installation of workplace charging.


6. Expert support

Whether you need a complete, fleet-wide viability study or simply advice on which vehicles to choose, we can help.


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