Spring Sale

Spring is here, bringing leaves back to the trees, flowers are beginning to bloom, and the days are getting longer. It’s also the start of the Arval Spring Sale, and we will be offering some of the most environmentally friendly vehicles available.

The Volkswagen Passat GTE, a plug-in hybrid making it ideal for urban areas because it can run on pure electric for up to 31 miles before the petrol engine kicks in. Stop/start technology switches off the engine at idle, reducing emissions and the impact on air quality.  Of course, if you are looking for a fully electric car or van, we also have you covered. The Hyundai Ioniq is a fully electric car, making it a great choice for inner city driving, with its 28kWH lithium ion battery giving it a range of up to 174 miles on a single charge. Charge times are very fast, you can get up to 80% charged in approximately 30 mins, using a DC power source. The Renault Kangoo ZE fully electric van. This latest version boasts a 170 mile range off a single charge, and will deliver 225Nm of instant torque, which makes zipping around town very easy. The average journey in a car or van in the UK is 9 miles so for most people an electric vehicle can be a good option.

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Spring Sale Offers

Why choose an electric vehicle – and why choose Arval?

There are no emissions, no congestion charge to pay, it can be an economical option and, crucially, it helps to portray your business as environmentally conscious and forward thinking.

With Arval, you’ll have even more reasons to go EV:

  • We can help you fit charge points at your office for drivers to use.  This can include a repayment option from your drivers if required.
  • We’re offering mid term rentals of three to six-months in an electric vehicle, which you and your drivers can use to experience the benefits of electric cars or vans and see whether you’d like to continue leasing them in the longer term
  • When you lease an electric vehicle from us, you’ll have the option to rent a petrol or diesel vehicle for those times when you might need it for a longer journey such as going on holiday.


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Parallel Hybrid

This combines a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor. The vehicle can be powered by either the fuel engine, the eletric motor, or both working together. When you decelerate or brake the regenerative braking system will kick and produce electricity, which is stored in the battery for later use. The Toyota Prius is the most popular vehicle of this type. 


Range Extender

Although it has an internal combustion engine, it never powers the wheels of the car. Instead it is used to generate electricity to charge the battery. A range extender can give you up to 125 miles of pure electric driving, with emissions as low as 20 g/km. The BMW i3 is the most popular vehicle of this type. 



This may be the largest growing vehicle type in the alternative fuel market. It's basically a half way house between conventional hybrids and full electric. As the name suggests the battery can be charged by plugging it in to a charge point. Some examples of this type of hybrid are the Volkswagen GTE, Mitsubishi PHEV, and Volvo V60.



Full Electric

Put simply, it is a vehicle that is powered by an electric motor, which is charged using household electric. All EV's have a rechargeable battery, a controller, and an electric motor. The battery is powered, when you plug it in and charge it. Then the electricity is converted from DC to AC by the controller, which then makes it usable for the motor. The motor will then convert it from electrical energy to mechanical energy. 


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*Based on 6 advanced payments followed by 35 months and 30,000 miles. Excludes maintenance and additional options. Subject to terms, conditions and status. Images are for illustrative purposes only. Spring Sale offers are valid from 20th March until 9th April, offer subject to availability.