Vehicle Quality

Quality doesn’t always have to be new

We lease a lot of new vehicles. More than  165,000 to be more specific. A huge range of our brand-new cars are leased and driven for business and pleasure until the customer’s contract ends and the vehicles make their way back to us.

These days, cars are made of sturdy stuff. So, when they’re returned at the end of their first lease, many of them remain in good condition. We select the best of these vehicles, ensuring they’ve been well maintained, are clean and tidy. 

They’re simply too good to be sent to auction. Instead, these quality used cars, chosen by us, are offered to you.

Our standards are high and we only pick great-quality cars that are ready to go out on the road to a new home. Vehicles may come with a little wear and tear that reflects their previous use but none will have done more than 50,000 miles and any damage will be minor. Plus, because they’re automatically in stock, we can get them to you within a couple of weeks.

For added peace of mind, we also include breakdown cover in your lease and offer optional extras such as maintenance or our Arval Total Care product which means the car is covered under our third party liability insurance plus you will get maintenance and accident management for worry-free motoring.

It all adds up to a great selection of quality vehicles, ready for you to drive at a price that might surprise. If you like the sound of that, simply speak to one of our experts


Speak to one of our experts about leasing a used vehicle

Our used vehicle stock changes all the time, so please provide your details and we'll get in touch. If you'd rather have a chat, give us a call on 0345 266 5341.