Mid-Term Rental

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Flexible short to medium term vehicle leasing

Arval Mid-Term Rental is a simple, effective flexi lease option which addresses short term vehicle hire requirements between 1 and 24 months, at a highy competitive price.


Almost all car and van categories are available with standard mileage options starting from 1,000 miles per month (other monthly mileage distances available upon request).

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Arval Mid-Term Rental is particularly appropriate when a Company Car has been ordered but has not arrived yet, to cover seasonal peaks in vehicle demand and as cost effective alternative to purchasing second hand vehicles.


You choose a vehicle category and we help you choose the most appropriate vehicle to meet your needs.


You choose the duration and mileage to suit your business needs.


A fully inclusive service – including Maintenance, Breakdown Cover and Accident Management – all for a single price.


Vehicles are available within 48hrs and we deliver to the Driver’s work or home location. You have complete control over bookings made and associated

Arval Mid-Term Rental is particularly appropriate for:

Pre-Contract Hire

When a Company Car has been ordered but yet to arrive, Arval can supply a temporary vehicle to keep your drivers mobile.

Probationary periods

Invest in your employees at the right time and reduce financial loss. Perfect for Temporary Staff, Fixed-Term Contracts or to cover Probationary periods.

Seasonal demand

Vehicles are ready when you need them and can be returned when you don't. Ideal for short term projects and unexpected contracts.

Fleet alternatives

Arval mid term rental offers a safer, more cost effectives solution to Pool vehicles.

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