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Arval's Recommended: EV

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An electric car lease is becoming an increasingly popular choice for consumers and businesses alike. Improvements in battery technology, longer ranges and a growing network of public charge points mean that leasing an electric vehicle is more practical than ever before. EVs produce no tail-pipe emissions, aren’t subject to congestion charges and come with low running costs. When combined with Arval's EV offers, there’s even more reason to consider an electric car lease.

Below is a selection of our electric car lease deals:

Recommended EV Offers

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Full Electric

Put simply, it is a vehicle that is powered by an electric motor, which is charged using household electric. There is no combustion engine, but it does have a large battery which must be charged to use the vehicle. You must plan journeys to ensure they are within the vehicle's max range or plan routes with charging facilities along the way. 

Nissan Leaf

Power: 150 bhp

CO20 g/km

Range: 253 miles

Charge Time: 4h 30m

Range Extender

Although it has a small internal combustion engine, it never powers the wheels of the car. Instead it is used to generate electricity to charge the battery. A range extender can give you up to 125 miles of pure electric driving, with emissions as low as 20 g/km. The BMW i3 is the most popular vehicle of this type. 

BMW i3

Power: 170bhp

CO20 g/km

Range (NEDCC tested) : 186 miles

Charge time (fast charge): 240 minutes

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