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Here at Arval not only do we care about cars, we also care about you. Because of that, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of vehicles and manufacturers as well as a fully consolidated leasing package. With a knowledgeable team to ensure you lease the right car for your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a city car or a sports car, like the Porsche 911, we’ve got you covered.


Porsche leasing

The Porsche family have a long and varied history, from creating the first Beetle and innovating the motor industry with the first mass produced rear-engine vehicle, to manufacturing one of the most prolific and well-known sports cars of all time, the Porsche 911.

All Porsche models are available in a wide variety of derivatives to suit every driver. With body types ranging from the standard hard top Coupe to the soft top Cabriolet to the Targa, which meets somewhere in-between. Most Porsche models are available in rear wheel drive or 4-wheel drive, with the latter being standard on the Cayenne and Macan SUVs. The personalization of your Porsche doesn’t stop there, however, as there is a variety of engine specifications from the base-spec Carrera on its sports cars, which gain speed and sportiness through the S, GTS, Turbo and Turbo S performance specifications. More recently, Porsche has introduced e-hybrid engines to its line up to meet environmental regulations and match competitors.

The Porsche 718 Cayman, the brand’s smallest car, is widely considered to be the finest handling sports car on sale today. The 718 range also includes the legendary Boxster, which is a convertible Cayman, effectively. Both Cayman and Boxster are available as standard models, or can be ordered as the more powerful S version.

Porsche Boxster company car front view

Porsche’s most famed model is the 911. Since the first version launched in the 1960s, the 911’s formula has remained largely unchanged, maintaining its distinctive silhouette and rear wheel drive handling characteristics that have made it so successful. The 911 is available in many different derivatives with either 2 or 4 driven wheels (the latter being identified by the ‘4’ in the badge e.g. 911 Carrera 4S), and hard top, soft top or Targa body styles. The range peaks with the Turbo S and hardcore track-focused GT3 and GT2 RS models.

Porsche now offers a large four-door coupe, with the recently re-launched Panamera. Designed to seat four in comfort, yet handle like only a Porsche can, the Panamera is available in entry level form with a 3.0 straight six driving the rear wheels only, or as a 4-wheel drive, and outputting 330hp. The range is also available with a V8 petrol or diesel (labelled the 4S), as well as Turbo models and an e-hybrid (with CO2 emissions of just 56 g/km).

Completing the Porsche lineup is its range of luxury SUVs. The Porsche Macan is viewed as the little sibling to the Cayenne, offering a nimble drive that can also tackle off-roading. The larger SUV, the Cayenne, is one of Porsche’s best sellers due to its sheer capacity, refinement, pace and superb handling for which the brand is so well known.


Leasing a Porsche with Arval

With a great range of executive cars on offer and many more, Arval is the first choice for leasing. To find out more about our leasing products take a look at our lease deals, call us on 0345 266 5602.

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