Overseas Travel with an Arval Vehicle

It is a legal requirement when you take a vehicle outside the U.K to have the following documentation:

  • Registration Document
  • Insurance Certificate
  • A valid Tax Disc (for country where the vehicle is registered)
  • Your Passport

If a vehicle is owned by Arval or we manage relicensing for your company, then Arval will NOT release the Registration Document for overseas travel.
Therefore we issue a VE103, which is an acceptable replacement for the Registration Document. There is a charge of £15.00 + VAT per certificate and the certificate is valid for a period of one year. Your client policy dictates how we charge for VE103's but in general this will be charged to your credit or switch card. We regret we are unable to accept Diners card or American Express.
The address used for the VE103 must legally be the 'custodians' home address and must match the address on your driving license.