Advisory Fuel Rates

ARTICLE: Advisory Fuel Rates

Safety & legislation 1 Mar 2022

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has announced revisions to the Advisory Fuel Rates (AFR).

These rates only apply to employees using a company car and start from 1 March 2022. However, you can use the previous rates for up to one month from the date the new rates apply.


Table of rates (Petrol, diesel and LPG rates shown are amount per mile)

Engine size Petrol LPG
140occ or less 13p 8p
1401cc to 2000cc 15p 10p
Over 2000cc 22p 15p


Engine size Diesel
1600cc or less 11p
1601cc to 2000cc 13p
Over to 2000cc 16p

Hybrid cars are treated as either petrol or diesel cars for this purpose.


Advisory Electricity Rate

The Advisory Electricity Rate (AER) for fully electric cars is 4 pence per mile.

Electricity is not a fuel for car fuel benefit purposes.


HMRC review these rates four times a year. Any changes take effect at the beginning of each calendar quarter (on 1 March, 1 June, 1 September and 1 December).

More details on the current AFR are available through the HMRC website:

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