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Alcohol and Driving

Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive but if you exceed the limits you risk a large fine, a minimum 12-month driving ban, possible imprisonment and a criminal record.

Fri 01/12/23
fuel pricing

ARTICLE: Do you know how much you are paying for fuel?

With fuel prices fluctuating, it pays to use the cheapest sites to help reduce cost

Fri 01/12/23
Electric Vehicles and Speed

Electric Vehicles: The Silent Speed Challenge

Electric vehicles have been praised for their reduced carbon emissions, but their near-silent operation poses a new challenge for driving behavior and road safety. In this article, we explore the implications of silent speed on road safety and discuss measures to enhance the safety of EVs.

Fri 17/11/23
20mph zones - Managing Speed - Improving Safety

The 20mph Zone Debate

Is the implementation of 20 mph zones a necessary safety measure or an excessively limiting restriction? We explore the ongoing debate and weigh the effectiveness of these lower speed limits in enhancing road safety.

Fri 17/11/23
Swindon Wildcats talk about SPEED

Road Safety Week - Swindon Wildcats talk about SPEED

In support of Brake’s Road Safety Week, we caught up with the players to talk speed, and what we can all do to make our roads safer for everyone.

Wed 15/11/23

Road Safety Week - Speed Awareness Quiz

Challenge your work mates to take the Arval Speed Awareness Quiz and see if you are the Quiz Whiz!

Wed 15/11/23
Drivers with different driving styles

GUIDE: Tips for Drivers - Steady Driving

Watch this short video about how changing your driving habits can make you a more economical driver

Thu 26/10/23
Anticipating Stops

GUIDE: Tips for Drivers - Anticipate Stopping

Watch this short video about how changing your driving habits can make you a more economical, and safer, driver

Thu 26/10/23