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29 Aug 2019

To help you avoid receiving a fine or penalty charge, we’ve pulled together some top tips.


How to avoid parking fines:

Research where you’re going to park before you set off. Leave plenty of time for your journey and don't rush!

Always park within the designated parking bays. Don't park in spaces reserved for Blue Badge holders, residents or motorcycles

Always check the signs to see how long you can park for, make sure you've paid for enough parking time and check how to top up remotely if you can.

If you do receive a parking fine, you can check out how to appeal by following our links below:
A penalty charge notice  
A private parking charge 


It might sound obvious, but the easiest and safest way to avoid speeding fines is to stick to the speed limit

Dedicated sat navs, sat nav apps and some on-board car computers can alert you when you break the speed limit, prompting you to slow down and stay safe.

For further information check out our Managing our speed guide

Toll and congestion/ULEZ charges:

London Congestion Charge/ULEZ
- Use the postcode checker here to check to check if your journey takes you into the zone Post Code Zone Check
- Pay in advance to save on costs and penalties at Pay the Charge
- Auto Pay by setting up an account at Auto Pay Congestion Charge
- Check out if your can register for a discount or exemption

Dartford Crossing Charge:
To pay the Dart Charge, and save money, set  up a prepaid account or pay the charge by midnight the day after you cross here

Mersey Gateway Bridge Charge:
To pay the bridge charge, and save money, you can set up a prepaid account or pay the charge by midnight the after you cross here


It’s illegal to hold a phone or sat nav while driving or riding a motorcycle. The law still applies to you if you’re
- stopped at traffic lights
- queuing in traffic
- supervising a learner driver
- and potentially could apply if a mobile is used in a drive thru

To avoid a £200 fine and six points on your licence, don’t pick up your phone


 Don’t ignore lane closures on smart motorways. If you drive in a motorway lane marked with a Red X, you can expect to receive an automatic £100 fine and three penalty points.

Keep an eye out for the variable speed limits, as they change depending on the volume of traffic and road related incidences. Otherwise you may get a speeding ticket.

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