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REPORT: Electric vehicles revealed: Does towing and payload affect range?

Going electric 7 Jul 2023

Electric Vehicles Revealed: does towing and payload affect range?

Today, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular but knowledge of how they perform for efficiency and range while towing is limited. So the question is, are they suitable for towing and is range affected?

We conducted our very own piece of research to find out the answer by testing a cross-section of vehicle types at the world-renowned UTAC test centre in Millbrook.

From the data this research revealed, you’ll be able to easily assess and calculate how your operations can adopt EVs and decide on their suitability for towing.

What we discovered:

⚡ Towing has a greater impact on range than vehicle load

⚡ Expected towing range is around 70-75% of normal range

⚡ Impact of towing on top of maximum payload for LCVs is between 13-17 percentage points

⚡ Charging infrastructure isn’t yet geared up for EVs that tow

⚡ Fleets that have a towing need may need to look at new business models to adopt EVs

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