16 Apr 2019

1.) What is the Tyre Labelling Regulation?

The Tyre Labelling Regulation states that information on certain tyre performance criteria will have to be communicated to consumers. This information relates to:

  • The impact on vehicle fuel efficiency associated to the tyre’s rolling resistance
  • The impact on vehicle safety associated with the tyre’s wet grip
  • The tyre’s external noise level (given in decibels). The external tyre noise does not necessarily correlate with the tyre noise heard inside the vehicle

This information has to be provided for passenger car, light truck (van) and truck tyres.

2.) What is the aim of the Tyre Labelling Regulation?

The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption to improve the economic and environmental efficiency of road transport without compromising safety.

3.) What is the aim of the Tyre Labelling Regulation?

Since July 2012 for vans and trucks and November 2012 for passenger cars, the EU tyre labelling regulation has required tyre manufacturers and tyre distributors to display a consumer information label on all C1, C2 and C3 tyres.

4.) How will the labelling information be presented?

The performance criteria is shown as:


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