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For the first time, mainstream manufacturers are starting to make a reasonably wide choice of electric vans available to fleets in the UK. Compact vans such as the Renault Kangoo and Nissan e-NV200 are being followed by others in the 3.5 tonne sector including the Renault Master EV and Volkswagen E-Crafter.

It’s something of a watershed moment, providing genuine light commercial vehicle, zero emissions options.

Of course, issues such as range and access to charging points mean these vehicles aren’t for everyone – but they certainly appear to have definite appeal for some and the first are starting to make their way onto fleets. We expect to see numbers grow quite rapidly.

There is quite a lot of information now available about the process of deciding whether electric vans are suitable for you.

However, almost no-one in the commercial vehicle sector knows very much about their actual operation; we are all beginners. So this guide is designed to provide a basic introduction in four key areas: compliance, day-to-day operation, safety and servicing.

Its purpose is to give newcomers to electric vans a working knowledge and, if a more detailed analysis is needed for your particular needs and circumstances, we’d be very happy to introduce you to our expert van consultancy team.

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