Case study - Arval helps Tennant Group clean up its fleet policy

CASE STUDY: Arval helps Tennant Group clean up its fleet policy

Green fleets 27 Jul 2021

Tennant Group is one of the UK’s leading providers of sustainable cleaning solutions, operating under both the Tennant and Vaclensa brands. Two separate fleets, each consisting of around 60 cars and vans, are operated for these two companies, and Arval has worked with Vaclensa specifically since 2010. Arval has helped Tennant switch to a Whole Life Cost (WLC) model to construct its company car list and accelerate the electrification of its fleet.



Arval’s account management team has been closely involved in helping individuals choose their cars on a case-by-case basis. The change in the choice lists and the shift to electrification means that employees are thinking much harder about their car options and which vehicle is right for them. We’ve seen cases where, after talking to Arval, employees have switched from ordering a model with a 24% benefit-in-kind tax rating to one with 6%. That represents a substantial amount staying in their pay packet – some employees have saved £250 per month by choosing an EV over their previous internal combustion engine car, so this is a development that has been very well received within the company.


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