The Economy


Arval is fully committed to operating in an economically ethical way. We focus on developing sustainable products, services and tools for our customers and offer expertise on key areas such as diverse vehicle technologies and SMaRT consultancy.

Products such as Arval Active Link, our telematics solution, helps our customers to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve driver behaviour. It also includes fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions monitoring so that customers can compare the performance of different vehicles in their fleet – helping them to make better decisions when it comes to environmental impact. On top of that we’ve come up with an Alternative Technology Calculator which helps our customers and drivers to decide which fuel type would suit them in a new vehicle.

We’re fully committed to working together with our Suppliers to ensure we deliver our CSR in a meaningful way. We do this by consistently engaging with our suppliers and developing action plans to maintain and enhance the delivery of environmental, sustainable and socially aware products and services both now and into the future.