Our Company Purpose

In a profoundly changing world, Arval is supporting the transition in society towards sustainable mobility.

With growing concerns about climate change, sustainability has never been more critical for the automotive industry and for Arval. For 30 years, Arval has successfully focused its expertise on full-service leasing. As market leaders, we are in the right position to be part of the solution and drive positive change for the many journeys in life.  Today, we go beyond car leasing to provide all our customers with new sustainable mobility means. We empower them with a unique hands-on approach to energy transition. In other words, we strive to act as a trusted and innovative mobility partner committed to shaping a better future. 

So, as part of helping to shape the future of sustainable mobility, we have formalised a ‘company purpose’ that serves as a reminder of our mission and ethics. Take a look at the Arval Purpose below.