Hassle-free, fixed-cost vehicles for your business.



Business Contract Hire (BCH) is flexible business finance that's VAT efficient and free from the financial risks of purchasing. Drive a brand new vehicle in exchange for a fixed monthly payment - simply choose a contract length, initial payment and mileage allowance to suit.


VAT efficient

As long as your business isn't VAT restricted, you can claim back up to the following amounts of VAT on your finance rental payment: 100% for any vehicle which is only for business use, 50% for business and personal use. And you can claim back 100% of VAT on maintenance charges for all your vehicles.

Duty of care

Protect you and your staff by ensuring you're driving cars that are safe and fit for purpose. By buying more than 40,000 vehicles every year, we can offer you the latest models featuring state-of-the-art safety features and the latest tech.

Reduced costs

Our buying power and strong relationships we've built with manufacturers mean you benefit from competitive monthly prices. We get preferential rates and pass them on to you. And leasing vehicles, rather than buying, frees up capital for you to invest.

Low risk

Cars lose value and become more expensive to repair the longer you have them. By leasing, you're protected from depreciation and the unpredictable used-vehicle market. Plus, there's no reselling hassle - simply return the car to us at the end of the lease.


Fixed monthly costs

Manage your budgets and control costs more easily with transparent fixed monthly payments. Optional extras, like maintenance and insured leased vehicle packages, can easily be included at a fixed price to keep your operating costs stable. Monthly consolidated invoices simplify admin and save you time.

24/7 support

Dedicated phone support from our highly trained and knowledgeable UK customer support team, to help keep your business moving. Our experienced technical specialists can even advise on specifics like CO2 emissions and electrifying your fleet.

Vehicle management

Access a wide range of additional vehicle management services, including maintenance, breakdown, accident management and insured leased vehicle options.

Van expertise

Leasing more than 35,000 vans in the UK alone, Arval has the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) expertise to support your business. We help keep business customers on the road to help you keep your customers happy.


These factors typically impact the cost of contract hire for business


Vehicle Cost

The full purchase (on-the-road) price of the car or van you choose.

Anticipated Residual Value

The likely value of the vehicle at the end of your contract.

Initial Payment

An initial lump sum to start the contract- typically equivalent to six to nine months' rental, but we're flexible on that.

Annual Mileage

The number of miles you'll drive each year - choose anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000.

Contract Length

The duration of the agreement - choose between two to five years.

Optional Extras

Whether you choose to include maintenance, breakdown cover and/or insured leased vehicle options.


Whether your business needs high-spec exec cars or simply a spacious van, we've got vehicles to meet your needs, having access to a vast range of makes and models.


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Is road fund licence included?

Yes, road fund licence (car tax) is included in your monthly rental payment, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Can I take my lease car abroad?

Yes, as long as you have the following (legally required) documents:

  • An original VE103 Documentation
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Passport

We are able to issue a VE103 document for all foreign travel, which is an acceptable replacement for the registration document. The charge is £18 (including VAT) per certificate. It is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

Please contact the Arval team on 0345 266 5163 (option 4) at least 14 days before travel to request your VE103. We will need your travel destination, dates and details of all drivers.

If my car is damaged, do I have to repair it before it is collected?

If the car is returned and the damage has not been repaired, Fair Wear & Tear charges will apply.
More information can be found on our Guide to returning your vehicle page.


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