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Part of the Volkswagen group, Audi is one of the most popular German car manufacturers and it’s not hard to see why. Offering an enormous range of cars – from hatchbacks both small and large, to saloons, estates and an impressive range of SUVs, right through to sports cars and convertibles – Audi is a brand that’s synonymous with style, luxury and reliability. 

If you’re after a hatchback, saloon or estate car, then the Audi ‘A’ range has something for everyone, from the A1 supermini right through to the A8 luxury saloon. In between, the compact A3 comes in a choice of saloon or hatchback (or sportback to use the official Audi name) as well as a stylish cabriolet, while the A4 is available as a 4-door saloon or an estate (Avant). Next up is the A5, which has coupé, sportback and cabriolet versions, while if you go for the spacious A6 you can opt for either a saloon or an estate. And finally, the 5-door A7 combines practicality with eye-catching sportback styling.

Whatever size SUV is right for you, Audi’s ‘Q’ range is sure to deliver. The smallest model is the compact Q2, followed by the Q3, and roomy Q5 - which is available as a plug-in hybrid. The Q7 and luxurious Q8 are the largest of Audi’s SUVs, with both offering 7 seats and plenty of boot space. You’ll be spoilt for choice with Audi’s sports cars and convertibles – the TT Coupé and TT Roadster (convertible) are sure to turn heads and if a high-performance sports car is top of your wish list, then look no further than the R8 Coupé and R8 Spyder (convertible).

With many models across the entire Audi range having ‘S’ (sports performance) and ‘RS’ (high performance with Quattro all-wheel drive) variants, the possibilities are endless. And it doesn’t end there. With an eye on the future, Audi is also branching out into alternative fuels – launched in May 2019, the fully electric e-tron luxury SUV is Audi’s first mass production electric car.



We understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to leasing a car. So, with this in mind, we can create a tailor-made package just for you. For example, if you’re happy to arrange your own insurance, servicing and maintenance, then a straightforward lease could work for you. Whereas with our Maintenance Package, we’ll take care of all your service and maintenance needs as well as including breakdown cover. And if you’re looking for a hassle-free leasing experience, Arval Total Care will ensure your car is insured, maintained and covered for breakdowns, so all you need to worry about is fuel.

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