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Contract Hire Explained

How leasing works

Contract Hire Explained

What is car leasing? Here’s everything you need to know


Leasing can be a cost-effective way to get your hands on a brand new car. There’s no need to worry about resale value, because you don’t own the vehicle. Think of it as a long-term car rental.

Brand new cars

Choose from a wide range of the latest models featuring state-of-the-art safety features and tech.

Fixed monthly costs

Manage your budgets and control costs more easily with fixed monthly payments. All our contracts include road tax as standard.

You’re in control

Choose a contract length, initial payment and mileage to suit your needs. You can even include extras like an insured leased vehicle and breakdown cover.

No reselling hassle

No exposure to the unpredictable used vehicle market - simply return the car to us at the end of the lease.

Frequently asked questions

3 Main Faqs

When will I start paying for my vehicle ?
Your initial payment will be taken once we have been notified that you have accepted delivery of the vehicle. This payment will be collected via direct debit on or around 10 working days after. If you are unsure of the amount of your initial payment you can view this on page one of your contract.
You will then be charged monthly on the day you chose on the Direct Debit mandate.
Occasionally there could be a delay with the delivery notification. This will mean, you may find that your first two payments are in close proximity to each other, and in some cases there could be two payments in one month.
This would only occur in the first month and all following payments would be monthly as described above.
Excess mileage: What happens if I exceed my contracted mileage?
When you return your car, you will be charged at a pence per mile for any miles driven that exceeds the agreed total mileage.
Any charges will be billed within 7 days from the date of your car collection.
If a car is returned before the Personal Leasing agreement Term, we may also charge for any excess mileage on the car. This will be calculated on a pro-rata’d basis by looking at the daily mileage allowance multiplied by the total number of days the car has been in service with us.
If my car is damaged, do I have to repair it before is collected?
If the car is returned and the damage has not been repaired Fair Wear & Tear charges will apply.
More details and a guide to returning your car can be found on our Fair Wear & Tear Guidelines.

Leasing vs Buying

Which is right for you - leasing or buying? We outline the pros and cons for both, to help you make up your mind.

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Personal leasing

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is a type of long-term car rental. You get to drive a brand new vehicle in exchange for a fixed monthly payment. You choose the contract length and mileage allowance you need.

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Business leasing

Business Contract Hire (BCH) gives you and your employees hassle-free access to fixed-cost company vehicles. Run reliable new vehicles without spending large sums of working capital, with VAT incentives to boot

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