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Arval Total Care - Fully Insured Leased Vehicle

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A fully insured, leased vehicle with extras included.

For complete peace of mind, Arval Total Care includes an insured leased vehicle plus road tax, servicing, MOT, maintenance, repairs, breakdown cover and accident management - in one all-inclusive fixed monthly payment. The vehicle is covered from the day it's delivered until the day it's collected, so you won't have to shop around for insurance quotes each year. We'll also cover routine servicing, tyres and repairs, so there are fewer unexpected bills.


Peace of mind

Insured leased vehicle, maintenance, tax, MOT, repairs, breakdown cover and accident management included.

Fixed payments

No hidden extras - just one fixed monthly fee at a competitive price, for the duration of your contract.

Shortfall protection

If the vehicle is written off, you won't be liable for any shortfall between its market value and the outstanding finance balance.


The finance cost of the vehicle

Damage to your leased vehicle

Third-party liability cover

Glass damage protection

Motor insurance database updates

Cover for business or personal use

Accident management

Breakdown cover

Road tax

Shortfall protection


Servicing & maintenance



Between 21 and 70 years old.

Driving licence

At least one year's driving experience with a UK/EU driving licence.

Fault claims

No more than 2 at fault incidents in the previous 2 years.


No more than 6 points on your driving licence record in the past 5 years.

No driving ban

Not been subject to a driving ban in the last 5 years.


Not advised to stop driving by the DVLA, or a medical practitioner.


Never had insurance refused.

Incident repair process



Driver calls our friendly team for fast assistance.


We arrange for rapid roadside recovery if vehicle is immobile.


If vehicle is roadworthy, we'll arrange a repair date to suit you.


We'll provide you with a courtesy vehicle to keep you moving while your car's being repaired.

We make leasing easy

We make leasing easy

We make leasing easy

A fully insured leased vehicle with valuable extras, like breakdown cover, included in one fixed monthly payment. With access to any make and model on the market, you'll find a vehicle that works for you - and your budget.

Everything you need to know about Arval Total Care

What is not included in Arval Total Care?
Arval Total Care does not include personal injury insurance cover for the driver. However, third-party passenger cover is included.
However, in the event of a non-fault incident, we will be able to facilitate any injury claims incurred to the driver or any passengers as part of the loss recovery process via the third party insurer.
Personal belongings are not included. Costs incurred as a result of misfuelling, including AdBlue, are not covered and will be charged to you.
Damage caused by driving through standing floodwater is not covered. Any associated costs will be charged to you.
Who can drive my leased vehicle?
Under a Personal Arval Total Care agreement, the driver, their spouse, partner or immediate family (i.e. parents, siblings or children) may drive the vehicle, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria above.
Under a Business Arval Total Care agreement, any company employee, their spouse, partner or immediate family (i.e. parents, siblings or children) may drive the vehicle, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria above.
What is a Customer Incident Charge (CIC)?
This includes any claim where we are unable to recover costs from a third party. The CIC varies depending on the number of 'at fault' incidents for the car. Charges escalate depending on the number of 'at fault' incidents incurred during the Personal or Business Leasing agreement term (see below). This is to maintain a fixed monthly payment for the duration of your agreement. The CIC is a contribution to the losses incurred by us as a result of the incident. If the repair costs are less than the CIC, then we will only charge you the cost of the repair.

Example charges:
1st ‘at fault’ incident: £250 CIC
2nd ‘at fault’ incident: £350 CIC
3rd ‘at fault’ incident: £750 CIC
Am I entitled to a replacement vehicle when mine is off the road due to an incident?
Yes, we'll provide a courtesy car for the duration of the vehicle repair, subject to the repairer's conditions (this will not be a like-for-like replacement of your existing lease vehicle). You'll need to make sure the courtesy car is insured by the repairer.
If you're involved in an incident where the third party has been identified and proved at fault, you may be provided with a vehicle of a similar standard to your current lease, through our non-fault hire provider Auxillis, subject to acceptance.
If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered, you will not be provided with a replacement vehicle.
What's required of me?
At all times you need to ensure that the tyre pressures, oil, coolant, Ad Blue and antifreeze levels (or similar) are maintained to the manufacturer's specifications.
You must make sure the vehicle is serviced at the manufacturer's recommended intervals and any other occasions when faults arise. Service schedules vary between vehicles and not all vehicles have service indicators - late servicing may invalidate the warranty. Contact your local dealer for specific advice on your vehicle.