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Fuel Management

Fuel is one of the biggest costs associated with running a fleet of business vehicles. For many companies, it’s also an administrative headache. Using an Arval Fuel Card can reduce costs and make your life easier.

The Arval Fuel Card provides a quick and easy payment mechanism for drivers to use and means they don’t have to worry about paying for fuel out of their own pocket. In turn, you will receive accurate data on when and where your drivers refuel, how much they pay and their mpg performance. The result is that you can quickly spot excessive fuel usage either linked to driver behavior or an issue with the vehicle.

Never worry about collecting numerous fuel receipts as each month you will receive a single consolidated invoice which can be used to reclaim VAT and we can even provide access to an online mileage capture system so that drivers can quickly and securely record their private and business mileage for tax purposes.


The benefits to you:

  • Reduce administration with no petty cash or receipts to manage

  • Save time with a single monthly invoice making it quicker and easier to complete VAT returns

  • Save money as you only pay drivers the actual cost of fuel used and no more

  • Gain a better understanding of your fleet fuel usage and expenditure thanks to accurate reporting

  • Make life easy for your drivers giving them access to the extensive AllStar network which includes some of the cheapest forecourts in the UK


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Find out more

The Arval Fuel Card is only available for Arval customers.  

If you are an existing customer and would like to receive a copy of your current fee tariff then please contact your Business Manager or Account Team or email arvalonecard@arval.co.uk